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X-Stand Setup Tutorial

1. Insert the top arms into the hinge of X-Stand

2. Loosen the connections on the top arms so they go as low as they can go.

3. Push in the button on the front of the hinge to release the top and bottom legs for separating. The legs will be the correct distance apart after the first “click” of the hinge. Release button.

Note: The X-Stand uses tension for stability. Pressure will need to be applied when attaching the banner to the X-Stand. The back arms should curve to hold the banner straight and sturdy.

4. To strengthen the grommet, fold a small piece of banner material in half and place between the banner and the grommet.

5. Place the four grommet hooks onto the legs and arms of the X-Stand facing outward.

6. Attach the TOP two grommets of the banner onto the X-Stand first, then stretch to attach the bottom two grommets onto the bottom hooks. Some pressure will need to be applied.

7. Loosen the back knob on the hinge to position the back leg so the banner stands upright, but remains sturdy. Retighten the knob.

8. Place the banner in your self-serve area, positioned between self-serve machines or facing outward from a corner for visibility.
  • Out of high traffic areas
  • Visible from the entrance of Print & Marketing

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