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Resetting Your Username and Password

Resetting Your Password

If you know your username, but have forgotten your password, we will e-mail your password to you. Retrieve your password.

Resetting Your Username

If you have forgotten your username, we will email it to you. Retrieve your username.

Error Messages

If you receive an error stating, “Invalid login credentials,” this means that we have no record of a registered user for that username. You most likely registered using a different username and password. If you need to register again, click Register.

If you are trying to register and you receive a message stating, “We’re sorry, but the name you selected already exists,” this means that an account has already been created for that particular username. Only one account can be created per username. If this username is yours, be sure to sign in instead of registering again.

You can easily reset your username and password at any time.

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