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Completing Your Order

Once you have selected your documents and set the print options for each one, you can choose a pick-up location and review your order.

To choose your pick-up location:

  1. Review the list of the stores closest to you. The Print app generates this list based on the current GPS location of your iPhone.
  2. To search for a different location, enter an address, city or zip code in the area where you want to pick up your order. A list of applicable stores appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To view store details, such as hours, service times and location, tap the store listing.
  4. When you identify the store where you want to pick up your order, tap Select Store.

The Print app processes your PDF documents and print options for your final review.

To review and confirm your order:

  1. If you have a promotional code, enter it in the Promo Code field and tap Apply. Your order total updates to show any discount applicable for the promotional code.
  2. Review your order summary.
  3. Enter your contact information, such as your first name, last name, phone number, and email address. If you are logged into your Staples account, some of your contact information is already filled out.
  4. Review your pick-up location.
  5. If you are satisfied with your order, tap Place Order.

Your order is complete! Once you’ve placed your order, the app displays your order number and the time your order will be ready for pick-up. This information is also emailed to the address you gave during checkout.

Tap Done to return to the home screen, or tap Order Details to see a detailed view of your purchase. (You can also view order details by tapping Order Status in the main menu.)

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