What Is Image Resolution?

Digital images are composed of pixels. Resolution refers to the number of dots per inch (dpi), or the amount of detail the image has. Higher resolution means a more detailed image, and also a larger file and longer upload time. With high resolution, you will have more options when cropping your images or adding them to custom-printed products. For best results with most products, save your artwork to 300 dpi at the final print dimensions (full bleed size when uploading an entire product design). For larger format products like Banners and Posters we recommend 150 dpi.

Most digital cameras offer the ability to set the resolution of the photos you take. If you plan on working with your pictures using the editing tools in the Copy & Print design tool or on your home computer, try to capture large photos in high resolution. Starting with a large image with high resolution means that you can crop it later or print it at any size, rather than being constrained by low resolution or size.

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