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Adding Images to a Template

Many products include blank image boxes or default photos, logos and illustrations in their design templates. To customize, update the default images with your own artwork. 

Note: some products, such as business cards and brochures, give you the option to add more image boxes if you need them and other products, such as business envelopes, do not offer images in their templates.

As you are customizing your product template, you can add images to existing image boxes or add new image boxes:

  1. Click + ADD IMAGE to view your library of previously uploaded images.
  2. To add an image to an existing image box, click an image in the library and then drag and drop it onto the image box. Note: If the box contains a default image, your image will automatically replace it.
  3. To add a new image box, click an image in your library and then drag and drop it onto an open area in the template.

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